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Be creative

Our courses will inspire you to be creative, develop your skills and find your passion.

Our experienced tutors will help you to engage with a wide range of subjects from drawing to dressmaking through our enjoyable and challenging courses.

With dedicated studio facilities and professional equipment, we provide the space and environment for you to get creative.

We also have online courses available for most of our subjects as well as additional Saturday workshops running throughout the year.


Find and enrol on creative courses

Creative courses

Art appreciation

If you're a practising artist or simply enjoy the arts you will love our online art appreciation classes.

You will examine both the artists and concepts behind traditional and contemporary art and learn what influences movements and trends in the visual arts field.

An ideal complimentary course for those studying on our practical drawing and painting courses.

Our art appreciation courses are all online this term, so you can explore this subject from the comfort of your own home.

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Art of photography

During our art of photography course you'll explore the imagery, history and art theories of photographic art.

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Art of album sleeve design

If you have a keen interest in art appreciation and pop music the art of album sleeve design will enable you to consider a wide range of issues that underpin the arts. You will critically assess and explore pivotal concepts, movements and creative developments.

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Contemporary art

Looking to develop or further develop your understanding of contemporary art? Consider a range of issues that underpin modern art movements and analyse the styles of a range of contemporary artists in our understanding modern art class.

Art of Egypt

Explore the art of Egypt in our introduction to Egyptian art course. During this course, you will begin to explore the art of Egypt.

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Art of sport

The art of sport provides the opportunity for you to learn about the visual imagery of the Olympics. Explore important artworks that celebrate sporting achievements and to consider how movement has been captured in a range of artistic mediums.

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Art of book illustration

Enjoy exploring some iconic illustrative work from the Victorian to the contemporary age in our art of book illustration course. You will also analyse the expressive quality of book illustrations.

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Art of protest and propaganda

Dive into the ways art has been used as a tool for both social and political protest and propaganda in our art of protest and propaganda course.

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Art of Renaissance

Our art of Renaissance course is a beginner’s art appreciation course about the art and artists of the Italian Renaissance.

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Learn how to write beautifully and develop your creativity with calligraphy.

You will learn fundamental approaches, letterforms, layout and design.

Calligraphy can be used to enhance artwork, illustrate writing, create invitations or as a stand-alone art form.

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Ceramics, pottery and sculpture

Develop your creative skills and confidence with one of our pottery, ceramics or sculpture courses.

Your tutor will guide you through a project which has been designed to stretch and challenge but will also allow complete beginners to embrace this exciting craft.

These courses aim to develop confidence and creativity through working on a broad variety of ceramics skills and techniques.

Improve and further your skills to develop your own personal projects whilst working with several different clays, types of finishes and types of surface decoration and colour.

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Creative writing

Develop your creative writing skills and start to work on that short story or novel you have been longing to write.

Your tutor will show you how to enhance your abilities and turn your ideas into written reality.

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Drawing and painting

We offer a wide range of drawing and painting courses to suit all abilities and interests.

Our professional tutors will develop your skills and work with you to provide a programme of study to inspire and develop both your technical ability and individual style.

As well as longer, general art courses we offer specialist workshops, short courses, opportunities to exhibit and participation in enrichment activities throughout the year.

Our tutors love to inspire those who think they are not creative.

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Fashion, textiles and needlecraft

Our fashion studio is equipped with up to date sewing machines and over-lockers. This is so that you can make the most of learning whilst supported by our talented team of tutors who each have a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to share.

We have launched our online programme, which provides the same expert tuition and some social element, while removing barriers to learning that impacts some people attending classes in person.

We have courses to build your machine confidence to learn how to quickly thread the machine, wind bobbins and navigate around some of the many functions of a sewing machine.

You will create samples for the various stitches and learn some skills that are transferable for use on any machine.

Great for absolute beginners or for those feeling a little rusty or lacking confidence. If you have a machine you can join in and sew with this short class and if you do not have access to a sewing machine you are welcome to join the class as an observer and pick up some tips you can use in the future.

Enjoy experiences such as making storage solutions from fabric or maybe a large lined bag for work.

Basic sewing skills

If you have basic sewing skills and would like to create made to measure garments for yourself then you should try our make your own bodice and skirt block courses.

You will learn how to correctly take measurements from the body and create a master pattern block to work from.

Dressmaking courses

The skills developed will enable you to try our dressmaking courses which range from beginner to more established levels of abilities.

For those that are looking to make the most of summer by taking part in our dressmaking summer school or for those who are looking to develop to skills to create a new hobby, our tutors will help you to develop the skills to create or add to your hobby.

Textiles and fabric decoration

If you would like to expand your basic sewing skills to include textiles and fabric decoration and explore your creative side, then our machine embroidery and applique is for you.

This course focuses on free motion machine embroidery, applique and using mixed media to embellish existing items or to create your own products.

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With a variety of subjects our history courses take an in-depth look at a range of eras and people from history. It is a sociable and friendly course.

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Jewellery making

Learn to create unique jewellery with our tutor who is an accomplished practising jewellery designer.

Our jewellery design and making mixed ability courses are suitable for all abilities.

You will learn skills from developing an initial concept, soldering, stone setting and creating textures from metal to create professional finished pieces.

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Mixed media

Our mixed media courses are designed for those who are either new to painting and drawing or have some experience in painting and drawing. They will help you to further develop your work in your chosen media and explore other techniques.

These classes are wholly practical with demonstrations by the tutor in relation to personal and group projects.

Drawing and painting

For those looking to develop skills around drawing and painting, why not try our selection of courses.

Our drawing and painting courses range from beginner to advanced including mixed ability which is a great way to encourage learners to learn from each other.

These courses will encourage creativity in the use of drawing and painting materials whilst working from still life, flowers, seascapes, landscapes and organic forms.

You will gain a solid introduction and grounding in the elements of drawing: line, tone, colour, pattern, perspective and composition.


Have a passion for watercolours. Why not try our drawing and painting watercolour courses.

Our courses provide an extensive approach to watercolour medium, which explores many aspects such as use of colour, tone, composition and the principal techniques are looked at in depth.

By working from direct observation, photographic references, sketches, and imagination, learners will encounter a variety of stimulating subjects such as landscape, seascape, still life and natural forms.

Our courses range from beginner to advanced levels of ability to provide an opportunity to develop and fine tune those skills.

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Get to know your ukulele or guitar better with our tutors who will tailor the classes to genres you love. Learn how to play basic songs, how to tune and look after your instrument.

Group learning provides a more affordable option to learn a musical instrument for the first time.

Our tutors will help you progress at a pace that suits you. They will help you create manageable goals that keep the learning fun.

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You may wish to study for pleasure, as a hobby or to develop professional skills. From learning to master your own camera settings to using creative approaches, our expert photography tutor will guide you to get the most from your camera.

Digital photography

Our digital photography classes examine the use and functions of your camera and additional aspects of creative picture taking using digital cameras.

It is designed for those with a range of abilities from beginner to intermediate levels of photography, to increase your confidence in picture making and make your photography more enjoyable.

The second part of the course is more practical, covering still life, portraits using studio lighting and location photography including local visits.

Digital photography and studio lighting

Using a mixture of theory and practical exercises, our digital photography and studio lighting course will teach you the basics of your camera, help you understand the different modes and become familiar with terms such as shutter speed, ISO and aperture.

Get hands on practice of setting up and shooting different studio lighting scenarios, including the standard one light set ups such as: Rembrandt, Loop, Butterfly, Broad and Split lighting.


If you have progressed or already possess those advanced skills, give our intermediate-advanced class a try.

This 5 week advanced course is aimed at those who have completed stage 1 and 2 and would like to continue experimenting with different camera and lighting techniques.

You'll experience the use of studio lighting equipment, take photographs on location and further your knowledge on composition.

Creative photography

You may have a new DSLR camera or looking to get one, to help develop those skills or refresh your creative picture taking ability.

If this is you, why not give our creative photography - understanding your DSLR a try.

This 5 week course is aimed at people who have interest in photography but do not know how to get started on the road to becoming a better picture taker.

It is designed for those with little or no experience in photography, to increase your confidence in picture making and make your photography more enjoyable.

Art appreciation

Stand back and admire your work and the work of others by taking our art appreciation: the art of photography class.

You'll learn about the early pioneers of photography and analyse imagery created by a range of iconic photographers.

You may have discovered that you have an appreciation around photographic theories by writers including Roland Barthes and Susan Sontag. Naturally, this will enable you to explore the development of the photograph album.

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Stained glass

Our stained glass mixed ability class will help you to develop the skills to make attractive examples of stained work.

You'll learn traditional techniques to cut, lead, solder, connect glass and create basic designs and match colours to create a unique and beautiful piece for your home or as a gift for family and friends.

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Learn traditional woodworking skills in our Rochester workshop.

Our woodwork courses are suitable for all abilities.

You will be guided by our professional woodworking tutor in skills from design and planning through to the creation of professional finished pieces.

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