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Supported learning

We are proud to offer residents with learning difficulties and disabilities our supported learning programme. It provides a range of creative and practical subjects.

We aim to empower our learners, with appropriate challenge and stimulation to build confidence and contribute to them leading fuller lives. This includes more engagement in the community and helping independence.

Benefits of supported learning courses

Supported learning courses are set in a fun and friendly environment and help people with learning difficulties to set their own personal goals. Our courses can help you to gain new skills at your own pace that could help in everyday life.

Our courses can help you to:

  • gain independence
  • make new friends
  • get more confident
  • learn important life skills
  • improve maths skills
  • improve reading and writing.

What we offer

Our supported learning programme offers a range of subjects for people with learning difficulties or disabilities. We offer supportive environments with expert tutors. Every course also has a group learning support assistant. Our wider team will also support our learners.

Our team will keep in touch with learners on-course to make sure they get the best learning experience.

All our supported learning courses provide enrichment such as guest speakers, field trips, participation in local and national events.

How we support learners

We invite all new learners to an initial assessment where the tutor will find out what you want to achieve. This also helps our tutors understand your needs so we can make sure you get the support you need.

If you’re taking a course with a qualification or exam, tell us as early as possible about any support needs you may have. This will help us to support your needs to make it easier for you to achieve your goals.  

If you have a disability or need any extra support, please phone us on 01634 475 400.

Initial assessments

We invite all new learners to an initial assessment where the tutor will find out what you want to achieve. This also helps our tutors understand your needs so we can make sure you get the support you need.

Book an initial assessment

Before you enrol on a supported learning course you will be asked to attend an initial assessment. This will help the course tutor plan your learning programme based on your individual needs.

Email to book an assessment. 


Find and enrol on a supported learning course

Supported learning courses


Learn new creative skills with this short pottery course.

Your tutor will guide you through a project which has been designed to stretch and challenge but will also allow complete beginners to embrace this exciting craft.

Enrol on a pottery course


Learn how to master basic embroidery stitches developing a knowledge and understanding of the tools and equipment required for successful sewing.

Develop confidence to try new embroidery techniques and further skills and knowledge.

Enrol on a needlecraft course

Arts and crafts

Explore and learn a wide range of creative techniques to be able to show your knowledge, skill and understanding of materials and techniques.

This will help you to produce personal work that shows your abilities and skills in learning new things.

Enrol on an arts and crafts course

Planting and growing

Develop an understanding and awareness of nature and how things grow, how to confidently use garden tools and learn teamwork skills.

Enrol on planting and growing


You will explore a range of dance styles and feel the therapeutic benefits to mind and body.

Enrol on a dance course

Introduction to cooking skills

This class is specially designed to get an understanding of food hygiene, knife skills and safety in the kitchen in a fun and personalised way.

At the end of each class, you will sit down and recap the recipe and evaluate yourself on how you feel that session went and how you feel you have progressed.

Enrol on a cooking course

Intermediate cooking skills

You will learn new skills and relate them to nutritional healthy eating.

You will make a number of delicious and nutritional dishes to create a portfolio of recipes you can use on a weekly basis at home. This includes planning a meal, buying and preparing it.

Enrol on a cooking course


This is for complete beginners.

You will improve movement, balance and flexibility to help get rid of aches and pains. A fun, energising and uplifting course.

Enrol on a yoga course


Learn how to research subjects on the Internet by using keywords, create Microsoft Word and Publisher documents as well as having field trips for a given subject or project.

You will also learn how to create a front and back cover and spine for your personal project folder as well as designing the content layout.

Enrol on a computer course

Independent living skills and preparation for employment

Gain the freedom to potentially live independently. Learn how to be independent through discussing practical situations and by using the community to gain experience and information.

Enrol on a living skills course

Skills for work

This course is for learners with learning difficulties and disabilities.

If you are thinking about starting paid or voluntary work, but are not sure how to go about it, what would be suitable for you or what it involves then this course can help you.

Enrol on a workskills course

Safeguarding in a learning environment: level 1

This course is for anyone who is interested in safeguarding.

It aims to provide you with the suitable knowledge, guidance, support and understanding that everyone has the right to learn, to be safe and to be respected.

Growing my maths

Want to improve your maths skills whilst having fun in a friendly small group?

Then this is the course for you. Maths courses are designed for learners who need to cover the basics in maths.

Enrol on a maths course

Discovering English through history

Our aim is to introduce you to different periods in history.

We will be exploring the different ways in which people lived during those times and concentrating on some well-known figures who were around at that time and their achievements.

Listening and speaking through drama

Good speaking and listening are important for successful communication.

Find new ways to express actions and reactions through using your body and words.

Enrol on a drama course

I feel more confident after joining class – my teacher is very friendly and a very good teacher.

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