Multiply is a new national scheme that offers adults who do not have a GCSE grade 4 or higher in maths or equivalent, free flexible courses that fit around their lives.

Free courses to help your numeric skills include:

Helping to manage your money

  • bills, energy calculations, helping with budgeting
  • cooking on a budget, portion sizes and nutrition.

Workplace skills

  • improve your maths in the workplace
  • improve confidence using maths in everyday life.

Supporting your child with maths

  • helping your child with maths homework
  • making maths fun: puzzles, cooking, gardening.

Using numbers in everyday leisure activities

  • sewing
  • pottery
  • gardening.

Try the government multiple choice quiz. Then contact us to talk about the results or about any of our courses, at

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“I have learnt a lot about budgeting and how to manage my money, very useful, I will be applying these skills in the future”

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