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Special interests

Perhaps you're looking for a new interest or challenge to help keep your mind active and your brain healthy.

We have a wide range of courses designed to contribute to your lifelong learning plans. You can learn more about the topics you find interesting. 

These courses are suitable for all abilities and new learners are always welcome. Our learners have said the social element is one of the key reasons they come along.

Whether it’s a hobby, your dream job or just a fun pastime, our special interest courses will both teach and inspire you.


Find and enrol on a special interest course 

Special interest courses

Art appreciation

If you're a practicing artist or simply enjoy the arts you will love our online art appreciation classes.

You will examine both the artists and concepts behind traditional and contemporary art and learn what influences movements and trends in the visual arts field.

An ideal complimentary course for those studying on our practical drawing and painting courses.

Our art appreciation courses are all online this term, so you can explore this subject from the comfort of your own home.

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Art of photography

During our art of photography course you'll explore the imagery, history and art theories of photographic art.

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Art of album sleeve design

If you have a keen interest in art appreciation and pop music the art of album sleeve design will enable you to consider a wide range of issues that underpin the arts. You will critically assess and explore pivotal concepts, movements and creative developments.

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Contemporary art

Looking to develop or further develop your understanding of contemporary art? Consider a range of issues that underpin modern art movements and analyse the styles of a range of contemporary artists in our understanding modern art class.

Art of Egypt

Explore the art of Egypt in our introduction to Egyptian art course. During this course, you will begin to explore the art of Egypt.

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Art of sport

The art of sport provides the opportunity for you to learn about the visual imagery of the Olympics. Explore important artworks that celebrate sporting achievements and to consider how movement has been captured in a range of artistic mediums.

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Art of book illustration

Enjoy exploring some iconic illustrative work from the Victorian to the contemporary age in our art of book illustration course. You will also analyse the expressive quality of book illustrations.

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Art of protest and propaganda

Dive into the ways art has been used as a tool for both social and political protest and propaganda in our art of protest and propaganda course.

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Art of Renaissance

Our art of Renaissance course is a beginner’s art appreciation course about the art and artists of the Italian Renaissance.

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Creative writing

Develop your creative writing skills and start to work on that short story or novel you have been longing to write.

Your tutor will show you how to enhance your abilities and turn your ideas into written reality.

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With a variety of subjects our history courses take an in-depth look at a range of eras and people from history. It is a sociable and friendly course.

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Group learning provides a more affordable option to learn a musical instrument for the first time.

Our tutors will help you progress at a pace that suits you. They will help you create manageable goals that keep the learning fun.

I enjoyed the variety of the topics covered and learning about aspects of art I know little or nothing about.

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