Online learning

We offer a wide range of our courses remotely. This means you can learn from the comfort of your own home, or any other place with an internet connection. Our online courses are taught by the same specialist tutors who deliver the face to face classes.

We use a range of tools to allow you to access course content and information. These tools allow us to ensure you still get a high quality learning experience from us online, as you would from a face to face class. We'll provide support and guidance to make sure you're comfortable using these tools.

Minimum IT requirements

To get the most from studying a course online you'll need a reliable internet connection via a laptop or personal computer and a current email address.

We may be able to loan IT equipment and software to eligible learners who do not have access to these at home. Strict conditions apply and learners will be need to sign a loan and safe use agreement.

Access to equipment and technology

We may be able to loan equipment and software to learners who do not have these at home.

There are strict conditions about equipment loans. Staff and learners will need to sign and agree to the safe use and return of all equipment.

Expectations of learners

All learners must follow the guidelines for effective online learning.

Our online environment must always be respectful and conducive to learning. 

We'll give all learners a copy of our guidance for effective online learning. This sets out your commitments for success and our commitment to the alternative learning model.

More information 

Contact us if you have any questions, concerns or want to discuss remote learning provision.