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Health and wellbeing

Our wellbeing programme uses a holistic approach to help people lead fuller lives. It does this by increasing mental health, energy, focus and movement.

We provide this in our modernised calming and positive wellbeing studio in the Rochester Centre. We also deliver courses in the community.

We have introduced wellbeing for families which includes parent and child yoga, mindfulness and post-natal yoga.

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Health and wellbeing courses


Suitable for all abilities, our yoga courses will:

  • promote suppleness
  • promote mobility
  • promote mental health
  • help you to relax and achieve a sense of wellbeing.

You will learn at an appropriate pace, including postures, breathing and relaxation.

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Tai Chi

A moving meditation suitable for everyone. You will leave classes feeling more relaxed physically as well as with a clearer, calmer mind. This can lead to greater clarity and focus.

You will feel so much positive energy just from being in the room during classes.

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Meditation and mindfulness

A mindfulness programme will help you adapt a new mind set, with a proven, lasting impact on the self-management of anxiety and stress.

It's a great way to maximise relaxation and de-stress.

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I enjoyed the comfortable environment. Everyone was friendly and inclusive.

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